Saturday, January 7, 2012

Come Walk With Me in Obedience

God uses interesting ways sometimes to teach me about His ways.

For a while He would wake me around 2 a.m. and I would meet Him with pen and paper. The Holy Spirit would give me scriptures to read, remind me of times in my past when He worked in my life and sometimes tell me ways to pray for people. I also felt like He was teaching me to come when He spoke no matter what I was doing.

One night I was sleeping and I heard God call my name. I arose, grabbed my pad and pen and prepared to meet Him in our usual place. However, He said He wanted me to go with Him. I asked him if I should get dressed. He said, "yes". I dressed quickly and asked Him where we were going. He said He would, "tell me when it was time". I found my keys and license and went into the garage. After I unlocked the garage door and opened it, I climbed into the van and started the motor. I put the gear into reverse and started easing back out of the garage. I asked again where we were going. "That's enough," He said. "Go back to bed and I'll meet you at our usual time in the morning." I shut the motor down, closed the garage and could not hold my question in any longer. "What was this about?" "Obedience."

God said to obey was better than sacrifice. I am re-learning how God loves us to be ready to obey Him at a moment's notice.

When our kids were growing up I remember how hard it was to get them to obey quickly. It was usually, "In just a minute!" which could be anywhere from 5-20 minutes. The only way I could hurry them up was to have something on the other side of that chore that they really wanted to do then brag on their quick response.

I think God the Holy Spirit was teaching me the same way, using the same incentive. Can you imagine how excited I was when I thought He was going to have me go somewhere with Him. Usually He raises me up in the heavenlies which is even better.

I hope you meet with my Lord often and walk along together. Hope to see you there.

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