Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come Walk With Me

December 6, 2011

My reading in Frances Robert's book said this: "If thou form the habit of trusting Me in the easy way thou shalt find it the natural thing to lean upon Me in the difficult situation."

I have found this so true because in a difficulty you don't have the time, emotion or even mental capacity to make decisions. You can only react. So if you are in the habit of leaning on Him, you'll do it automatically.

Today has been a good day even though Simba, our pregnant Chow, woke me twice to take her outside after I had been up until 2:30 a.m. reading and studying. She is due the 13-16th and is becoming nervous.

We have as many of our family as can come every Wednesday night and I usually cook dinner. Today I made 4 pies, two chocolate and two lemon. I had already baked sweet bread and have one loaf left. We're just going to have roast beef sandwiches, cheese dip, salad and the desserts.

We eat, watch Survivor together and chat about everything that's gone on since the last time we were together.

Bill has been ill so he and Melinda have not been with us many times in the last several months. He's supposed to have his final diagnosis this week and they can start treatment. Hopefully they will soon be able to re-join us. Kirby, Bill's son, has missed some because He and Katy are working a hobby, making extra money to take on their cruise that leaves the 24th.

We're getting ready for Ryan's wedding [Lance's son] on the 17th. Renee is making the cakes and I'm making Puppy chow for the groom's table. That is Ryan's favorite thing in all the world, except Britta, of course.

I need to go work with Simba again. I'm trying to get her to lay in the whelping bed and so far she has refused. She may have those puppies in the middle of my living room floor. O Lord, please don't let that happen. You can make the lion lay down with the lamb so please make Simba lay down in her birthing bed.

The walk felt short tonight. I have so many things on my mind I've not been a good traveler. I've been distracted.

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