Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dreams and Visions

I've been negligent. I need more exercise. I hope you do also.

My family is a bunch of dreamers. Some are significant and others are just entertaining. However a couple of years ago there were several we knew were important and we couldn't interpret them.

I read in scripture that in the end times God was going to pour out His Spirit and more people would dream dreams and see visions. I decided these dreams might be words from God. 

He showed me the interpretation of a few of them which excited me.  Then when He confirmed in the dreamer that was what He was saying others became excited.  I saw however that this was a special calling from God and should not be taken lightly.

So I'm taking lessons that are streamed to my computer.  It is amazing when you get into the dynamics of it. I just started and will be doing it for 6 months.

Another "calling" God has given me was through a dream.  I've lived with miracles all my life, but would not talk about them very often because people had a tendancy to think I was more spiritual or that I thought I was more spiritual than those around me. I've been called holy Jean and saint Jean and knew they were not compliments.

Anyway, in this dream God let me know His revealed glorious actions in and around me were more important than what people thought of me. I had never thought of it in that manner.  I confessed my sin of withholding the revelation of His glory because of my pride and asked Him to show me what to write.  I'm thrilled each time I put "pen to paper" [computer] and recount one of these experiences.

I've set a goal to finish by years end. Hope I can do that. Pray I'll not let distractions keep me from my goal.

Thanks for the walk today. I've missed being with you. Herma Jean