Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Share our 58th Anniversary

Tonight I've been reflecting about the years that have flown by so fast to get us to celebrate 58 years of marriage.

In one way it seems there was never a time when we were not married. In another way it seems so short, like a few years. That is, it does until I start counting great-grandchildren.

Our family took us out for dinner at Logans. We have so much fun when we're together. I think every one of them have a comic gene. I always laugh so much it is bound to extend my life another year every time we get together.

Well, there's always a part where we get cards from the "kids" with notes inserted. Those have me fighting to keep from bawling because they are always so sweet.

Rod & I value each day God gives us together. We know so many people who have not been as blessed as we have.

I praise God for showing me Rod was the one He chose for me.

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