Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prayer For Purity and Power

Recently I was reading Psalm 70-71 in my morning time with the Lord. It spoke to me of how purity and power go hand in hand.

I personalize the scripture when I read it so it is like God is talking directly to me. The following is excerpts from those passages:

I cannot understand/notice my own errors. Cleanse me from all secret faults. Keep me from presumptuous sins; don't let them overtake me. Then You will see me as blameless and innocent of great transgressions, because little ones usually lead to large ones.

Then when I am old and greyheaded [as now] please allow me the time and ability to show Thy strength and power unto this generation and the generations to come.

O God, thank You that Thou has taught me from my youth and have given me many opportunities to declare Thy mighty and wondrous works. My lips greatly rejoice when I sing praises unto Thee, even though I sound like a frog croaking. Thou hast redeemed my soul and if You do not return before I die, You will resurrect my body and I'll join You in the air. [Even though I still believe I will be alive when You return.]

I'm reminded of the scripture that says something like, "If we don't praise Him the rocks will cry out." One of my favorite things to do is to try to remember the names and actions of God so I can praise Him with them all.

One of my current projects is to make a wall decoration with the Hebrew Names of God. Wish me luck. So far I haven't found anyone to do it for me so I'm going to have to try it on my own with God's help. He may deny having any part of it when I get through.

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