Saturday, December 3, 2011

Come Walk With Me

December 3, 2011

Today I bought some material to make a Christmas present. I liked it so much I bought another color to make me something. It has these little ruffles all over it.

Then I started cutting it out. It was harder than I expected. I think I'll wait to make mine after the holidays.

Tonight we had some family members come and watch a DVD with us. We're having open house on sdaturday nights. Anyone who is wanting to grow in the Lord is welcome to join us. Currently we are studying Robert Morris' series on "The God I Never Knew." I had never thought about this subject before so I'm really learning a lot and growing closer to the Lord.

We hear a lot about God the Father and Jesus the Son, but we Baptists almost ignore the Holy Spirit. After all, we don't want to be called Pentecostal [which means 50] or even worse Charismatic [which means grace gifts]. In the past we've seen the gifts misused and we threw out the baby with the bath water.

I am thrilled to get to know the third part of the Godhead, the One Jesus said He would send in His place, the One who would live inside us. Isn't it thrilling to know we have the Holy Spirit inside us teaching us, healing us, directing us, and ministering through us. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit came to indwell us we would do all the miracles He did while here on earth and even more. Just think of all the wonderful things Jesus did. The Holy Spirit can do those same things through us. Isn't that awesome?!

Satan has done a number on us making sure we feared getting involved with the Holy Spirit in case we started doing something weird. For myself, I visited a church as a child where it appeared each person was trying to outdo the others in their 'manifestations.' That 'proved' to me that I didn't want to get baptized by the Holy Spirit.

I have asked the Holy Spirit to forgive me my sin in thinking He was weird.

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