Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm sorry to have been so negligent about not coming for walks with you, but you have been on my mind and heart.

I've been reading lately about the devil having more activity because his time is short and trying to ruin Christian's reputation or life so others won't be attracted to Christ by our life. Recently I heard Dr. Ron Phillips from Abba's House speak on the subject of Christians having strongholds.

I had always thought strongholds were where non-Christians were controlled by a strong demon.
Pastor Ron's idea is that even a Christian can have a stronghold because it isn't a demon. It is a fortress of wrong thinking. But a demon will come and encourage you in your wrong thinking until he can take control. In other words, I can continually sin by overeating until I develop a stronghold in that area. If I continue a demon can come and control that stronghold, making it have an even larger control over me, giving me hunger pangs for even more things I should not eat. Finally it can become like a drug that I must have.

I have family and friends that have strongholds of drugs, sex sins, rage issues, etc. even though I know they have accepted Christ as Savior. They always feel defeated.

It isn't God's plan for His children to be defeated. He wants us to be free to follow Him.

This is real warfare down deep in the invisible realm where sinister forces stand flaming and fanatic against the rule of Christ. The only way to meet this demonic passion is with the power and passion of the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood. A passionless stand will not work here.

God has given us as Christians the ability to cast out strongholds by the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by His blood shed for us. Also, God has said what we bind on earth, He will bind in Heaven and what we loose on earth, He will loose in Heaven. With those weapons we are ready to go to work.

First, we must confess the sin that has taken control of our life in some way. Second, we must thank Jesus for the work He has already done in our lives. Third, with the authority of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His blood that was shed for us, plus the power of Holy Spirit, bind whatever spirit has taken control of your stronghold. It doesn't matter whether it's fear, your health, drugs, rage, or the desire to be liked by everyone so are unwilling to correct your children.
Whatever it is, cast it out.

If you still do not feel in control of that area of your life, go through the process again. Some have to fast and pray to regain control where thay can put their life back under the control of Christ.

Remember it's unconfessed sin that gives permission for this problem to develop. So keep up-to-date with your confessions.

Then pray and claim the Mind of Christ to be in you. "Let this mind which was in Christ be in you."

Let's get rid of our house of wrong thinking and stay our minds on Christ.

See you next time.

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