Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Recently, Pastor John Hagee did a very condensed message on preparing for hard times. The first six things mentioned were typical:

1)Have an alternative source of water--water barrels, etc.
2)Develop a deep pantry/ have a garden/ learn to cook
3)Have health and first aid kit
4)Have alternative heat source--Coleman camp stove, etc.
5)Have candles, flashlights, emergency radio, & generator for refrigerator
6)Form a church food co-op/ they can buy in bulk therefore cheaper

Then he said 7)Protect & expand your wealth--get good return on your investments. He went on to say gold will be outlawed [as it was done before] and paper money would be like monopoly money.

He explained: The only way to prosper today is to Invest in the Kingdom of God. All you have is what you have given to God; it is the only amount that qualifies to enter the prosperity covenant where God has promised to open Heaven and pour you out blessings you cannot contain.

He said givers give and gain using Luke 6:38, II Peter 3:7 and several more.

This I loved: When what you have in your hand is not enough to meet your need it is your seed money. [It should go to where you know the Spirit is working] When you release what's in your hand to God, God releases what's in His hand to you. What's in God's hand is much greater than what's in your hand. [30, 60, 100 fold]

There are 3 things you can do with your seed.
1)eat seed 2)feed cow, 3) plant it [only way to increase]

We rob God if we don't tithe, Malachi 3:9-10
God dares us to test Him, try Him
In Deut. 28 God will not let Satan bother you if you tithe.
He believes you can give your way to wealth.
However, God requires your firstfruit. It takes cold-blooded-naked-faith to tithe & give offerings when you do not have enough to pay all your bills.
Plant your seed before you can expect an increase.

We already do that and God has blessed us with "Enough and Leftovers" to share.

This encouraged me to continue and God will continue to bless.

Thanks for the companionship on this walk.

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