Friday, February 17, 2012


My latest project is HUGE.

This was my thinking process in choosing it:
God is one God /Holy Trinity /God the Father / God the Son/ God the Spirit/
The Great Three in One.
Jesus came to earth to teach us Who and What God is as well as give His life to save us from our sins. Before He ascended into heaven He said several times that He would not leave us alone, that He was going to send Another like Himself who would live inside us and we could do everything He did when on earth, but even more.

Recently I realized most of what Jesus did, He accomplished through the spoken word. A guest speaker said she had learned to speak the word and let God work. I know what Jesus and the Trinity spoke came into being or was done. Therefore it made sense to me to study the words of Jesus. Then when I speak His words I know what He wants me to do will happen every time.

My project is to use the Gospels and Acts 1 and correlate the instances where Jesus spoke so I can see the whole picture and learn how to speak in a similar situation.

One of the speakers I recently heard said that if we learned to let the Holy Spirit work in our lives and learned to speak the Word that we wouldn't be so tired and stressed out all time. That sounded good to me!

Another speaker said that since God the Spirit is in us that our faith can cause us to dominate any mollecular object---that we can speak things into existence. Wow! I have so much to learn.

The reason I know I'm supposed to do this project is that the Spirit taught me in a dream how to use the computer [I used to be helpless--I just corrected my words] to keep from having to type all these scriptures. For those who do not know me personally, I used to have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my left hand isn't completely healed yet so I type one handed and usually with three fingers. That would have taken a looonnnggg time. Thank You Lord God.

I'll try to share what I learn. Thank you for dropping by tonight. Let's do it again.

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