Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Isn't today a beautiful day the Lord has made for our walk with Him.

My Bible reading this morning was in Psalms 78 where Asaph under the guidance of the Holy Spirit wrote about Israel's continual rebellion. He said God told them to remember all the miracles He had done in Egypt, then parting the Red Sea, giving them water, Manna [called Angel's food], even meat, and their clothes and shoes never wore out. They were to remember and tell their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of all God's wondrous works. However the children of Israel would say they would follow and obey him, but it was only cheap talk. They never followed through.

I don't know about you, but I've tried to tell my children and grandchildren everything God has done for us. My great-grandchildren are too small yet and I don't get as much time with them.
I even made a devotional book for my kids one year that held a collection of the sections from numerous writers, preachers, my own studies and Christians friend that blessed me through the years.

Another lesson I saw in this passage was that God chose Jerusalem in Judah to build His temple instead of Ephraim which was the most prominant in that day. This caused some friction between the tribes. Today God still chooses those who are most faithful to Him, not for their earthly prominance.

We should be faithful wherever God places us. It may be a low position that is preparing us for a special higher position later on or He may give us such blessings where we are that we never want another position.

With the world situation what it is we must move our attention from our wants to the needs of those around us. Also we need to agree to pray for our country's repentance and Israel to be blessed. Our country's position and our blessing hinges on our blessings on Israel.

I hope you enjoyed our walk. I have family coming for dinner tonight so I have to get busy. May God bless you and keep you!


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